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Special Orders

A special order is a program that is no longer available on the home video market (i.e., you cannot buy it at a store or through regular mail order). Or, it is a program that was produced by NFL Films but was never available on the home video market. A copy of the program is duplicated on DVD for you and packaged with a typewritten label. The cost of a special order is $50 per DVD (unless otherwise indicated - silent highlights are $35 per DVD) plus shipping charges.

NOTE: Sales tax applies on orders shipped to NJ and to NY. Sales tax is due on the shipping charge as well as on the cost of the DVDs.

The following pages list all of the programs that are available as special orders. Please look over the list carefully. No other programs can be special ordered.


Return Policy

The amount that is charged for each DVD ($50) is primarily for the service that you are receiving. As described above, we are duplicating one copy of the program for you. The fee you are paying is covering the expense for the manpower and machine time that is required to complete this task. Our DVDs are 100% guaranteed against all manufacturing and mechanical defects. This is the ONLY type of return that will be accepted. A replacement disc will be sent to you. NO refunds will be issued. ALL RETURNS MUST HAVE PRIOR APPROVAL. Please send an email to Licensing@nfl.com or leave a message at 856-638-6843 and someone will get back to you.


Obtaining a Full Game

Unfortunately most full game prints, as you see them on TV, are not available from NFL Films or from any other source. However we have released a limited amount of entire games through our Greatest Games series. To see what teams have released a greatest games series click here to view available titles. If you do not find the game you are looking for there then it is not available to the public at this time. Keep checking the site as new releases are added all the time.



If you would like to place an order, please fill out the enclosed form and return it to NFL Films. If you are charging your order to either MasterCard or Visa, you may fax the order to (212) 847-0849. Otherwise, please mail your order form and a check or money order to Dept. SP at NFL Films. If you need more order forms, please email us at Licensing@nfl.com or call (856) 638-6843 and leave a message.



If you are interested in licensing NFL Films footage and would like to speak with a representative click here.


Contact us: Licensing@nfl.com